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First one is the main antagonist of the story. This is to be a reoccurring role.

Lord Nagesh: Very androgynous and evil. Cold, calculating, silvery, his voice should reflect that. This is open to either a girl or a guy, as long as the voice is right.

Captain: No huge requirements here. Male. You need to be able to sound really scarred.

Please PM me if you would like to try out.

And here's a picture of the updated graphics.

Two roles needed for EP 2

Here's a new screen shot to prove I'm working :D~! If anyone wants to see more screen shots, please say so. I am about... 46% done with the episode now.

New screenshot, see? I am working.

New Flash series

2007-12-21 14:37:50 by The-almighty-EK

Hey guys, I am making a flash series currently called Final Fantasy: Flame of Heart. Please check it out when the first episode comes out.

New Flash series

Deviant Art

2007-07-25 13:04:42 by The-almighty-EK

I have a Deviant Art account. The user name is Amberedge57. If you would like to view my still art or be better posted I would love to add you as a friend there.

Deviant Art