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New screenshot, see? I am working.

2008-03-05 22:20:01 by The-almighty-EK

Here's a new screen shot to prove I'm working :D~! If anyone wants to see more screen shots, please say so. I am about... 46% done with the episode now.

New screenshot, see? I am working.


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2008-03-21 11:44:01

Soon finished? ^^


2008-03-22 19:10:02

HURRY!!! @ 3@
. . .
or what ever pace suits you ~ 3~

. . . are gonna have the rat-chick shave a smiley face on her forhead ... or any where else? O 3O


2008-07-25 19:17:56

cool, can't wait to see


2008-08-01 15:30:56

Nobody likes your Final Fantasy crap, you got OWNED.

(Updated ) The-almighty-EK responds:

Ha ha ha... What a loser. You're stupid bullshit only has a score of 1.99 while mine has a score of 3.91...


2008-09-29 11:08:06

That looks cool, is it done? :O