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New Flash series

2007-12-21 14:37:50 by The-almighty-EK

Hey guys, I am making a flash series currently called Final Fantasy: Flame of Heart. Please check it out when the first episode comes out.

New Flash series


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2007-12-23 19:17:19

Woo! I can't wait!


2007-12-31 12:22:34

Not a huge Final Fantasy fan, but i can't wait to see your skills putting this flash together.


2008-01-20 04:50:02

cool i love FF
this looks promising
b.mage looks kewl =D
im lookin forward 2 it


2008-02-27 18:07:55

Cool, cool, can't wait.
This has been a boring flash year so far, for the most-part, that is.
Cheers on your flash,

-Ultrared, the wanderer